A bit about myself.

I thought I would post a bit about myself and my history of MMOs.

My first MMO was Asheron’s Call many moons ago.  I played for about a year before jumping into DAoC, I somehow missed the whole EQ bandwagon entirely.  DAoC was my home for quite awhile and is still my favorite MMO of all time.  The PvP there was amazing and I miss the game and the community to this day.

After the DAoC population started to die out I began playing WoW, which has pretty much been my MMO home for the last 4+ years.  My main (which is the first character I ever created) was a Dwarf hunter and is still one of my favorite characters I have played in any MMO.

I began to tire of WoW after TBC, time had taken some of its fun and I really disliked the effect TBC had on the game.  I have tried WotLK but found it more of the same.  At this time the only way I could see myself playing WoW again is if they started up a classic server with none of the expansions.

Over myt WoW “career” I often tried to find a suitable WoW replacement, mostly to no avail.  LotRO was great but I missed PvP.  WAR looked like the Holy Grail but the performance issues and a couple of the design decisions left my cold.

Aion is my last best hope.


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